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COVID-19 UPDATE: Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The Brownsville Public Library will be reopening on Monday, June 1st. As of now, we will resume our regular hours. Curbside pickup will remain an option for those who do not want to come in and delivery is also available. Unfortunately, it is not “business as usual” and in order to keep our patrons and staff safe, there will be new guidelines to follow. These guidelines are based off the recommendations by the Dodge County Health Department and are subject to change:

1. Use hand sanitizer when you walk in. There will be a bottle set up at both entrances.

2. Please respect the 6-foot rule with other patrons and staff.

3. Place returns in the bin next to the circulation desk. Do not set them on the desk. Once items are returned, they will be quarantined for 72 hours before being checked in. We will not be assessing any fines during this transition period.

4. When checking out, place your items on the circulation desk and the librarian will check them out. Do not hand the librarian your library card. We will look up your account.

5. Only 1 family allowed in the children’s area at a time. This area is small, and it will make it much more difficult to social distance. I know this is difficult for the kiddos, but please help them maintain social distancing.

6. Only 2 patrons are allowed in the adult section. This includes the book and DVD area. If there are already 2 patrons browsing, you will be asked to wait outside.

7. In order to maintain social distancing, only half of the computers will be used. Each patron is limited one-hour usage per day. Children are not allowed on the computers for gaming at this time.

8. The bubbler will be closed.

9. The activity corner in the back of the library is temporarily unavailable. It is recommended that patrons just come in, get what they need and leave.

10. If possible, please reserve Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00-3:00 for our high risk patrons.

There will still be a summer reading program. It will just be different than it has been in the past years. Details to follow…

We are looking forward to being open again. We have missed you all!

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Beginning March 1st, the Brownsville Public Library will no longer charge late fees on juvenile and young adult books. Lost and damaged fees will still apply.

Please continue to return your books on time. Items not returned within 30 days of their due date will be considered lost. You will receive a bill for the replacement of the items.

Why the change? The Brownsville Public Library Staff and Board want to encourage our families to use the library.

Do you currently have overdue fines? Stop in and chat with us. We will be happy to work with you.

Stop in soon to see all we have to offer. We are not just books. There are many great programs the library has to offer families.

See you at the library!